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About Us

Founded in 1984, Gudi Supply International has provided importing & exporting services throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico & Central America.

GSI began as a small company in a garage in Houston, Texas. Its principal function at that time was the importation of cocoa & sugar from Latin America for markets in the United States.

Then, in Costa Rica and Panama, companies desired  commercial equipment made in he USA for the food development industry, from the mass production level down to humble bakeries.

GSI expanded, importing sugar and coffee from plantations in Latin America. Soon after, Latin American vendors wanted to sell their products in the United States—not just commercial food equipment but also auto parts, household appliances and other goods. In return, GSI aided US-based computer hardware companies export computers, printers and software packages to Latin America and Canada.

Due to demand, GSI developed its own fleet of trucks to move goods from Alberta, Canada all the way to southern Panama.

Demand for goods varies by year and sometimes even by fiscal quarter. The types of goods change. The methods by which goods are transported have changed.

Consumers and businesses still need tangible goods such as tractor tires and air conditioners. However, GSI has evolved technologically to serve the needs of the modern consumer as well.

While traditional means of shipment are still common and useful, GSI can “ship” software to companies en masse via IT servers or transfer sensitive intellectual property through secure systems.

With all the changes and advancements of the information era, GSI remains true to its original values: Mainly, to encourage international trade that enriches all parties in all of the nations of North America. Through business partnerships, the diverse peoples of our continent have made lasting friendships and achieved greater understanding of the dreams, needs and concerns of our respective nations.

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